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Here, we proudly introduce the passionate individuals behind our success. Our team dedicates itself to supporting your fitness journey with expertise, motivation, and a personal touch.

We teamed up with different professionals to provide the necessary knowledge to our readers so that they can be prepared for anything that may go wrong, or NOT!

anja stride strong

Anja Stankovic

Anja Stankovic Stamenkovic is a certified nutritionist who pursued her career after personal health problems caused by poor diet. This motivated her to understand and emphasize the importance of nutrition in everyday life.

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natasa stride strong

Natasa Pantelic

Natasa Pantelic is a certified personal trainer with a passion for helping others stay active and maintain healthy diets. Her journey started with a genuine love for fitness and healthy living, driving her to continuously learn and grow in various aspects of fitness. Natasa is committed to sharing her experiences and knowledge with others, offering practical guidance and motivation to inspire a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition routines.

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verica stride strong

Verica Gavrilovic

Verica Gavrilovic, our certified nutrition expert who promotes healthy eating. Her interest in wellness started from her own determination to live a balanced and healthy life. Following her dream, she mastered the gastronomy with the focus on nutrition. She helps others put their health first by choosing nutritious foods and building a healthy attitude towards eating.

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srdjan stride strong

Srdjan Ilic

Srdjan Ilic’s love for fitness coaching is driven by his own pursuit of betterment and satisfaction. Starting as a personal challenge, he has developed a unique approach to coaching, focusing on helping others tackle their hurdles, aim high with their aspirations, and make meaningful changes in their lives.

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jovica stride strong

Jovica Radulovic

Jovica Radulovic has started his journey in strength training to gain weight. He started his path in strength and conditioning because he enjoyed staying active and loved the challenge it presented. Through content that captures attention and messages that motivate, Jovica pushes others to go beyond what they think their limits are and to meet their fitness objectives.

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maja stride strong

maja vucetic

Maja is our PR and social media manager. Take a look into her articles where she reports on the conferences and sports events we attend. And be sure to check out her interviews with fitness and nutrition experts – Maja's questions always hit the spot!

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