Natasa Pantelic

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My name is Natasa Pantelic, and I’m certified personal trainer. My journey began with a genuine love for staying active and maintaining a healthy diet. Over time, I’ve committed myself to learning various aspects of fitness, so i can be vocal about my journey with you.

My main focus is to offer practical guidance and motivationt, inspiring others to achieve a balanced approach to their fitness and nutrition routines.

More about me...

Beside Fitness, my world revolves around makeup artistry and skincare treatments. There’s something incredibly satisfying about enhancing natural beauty and helping people feel confident in their own skin. When I’m not busy with clients, you’ll often find me at the gym, trying out different workout routines to stay fit and healthy.

And speaking of health, I’m a big fan of starting my day with a hearty bowl of oatmeal topped with fresh red fruits and a scoop of my favorite strawberry whey protein—it’s the perfect fuel for my active lifestyle. Same as everyone else, I need to unwind somehow. Playing volleyball and skating at the rink really helps me relax and get extra energy.

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