Jovica Radulovic

Jovica Radulovic

I began my journey in strength training to put on weight. My interest in staying active and embracing challenges led me to delve into strength and conditioning.

I aim to inspire others through captivating content and motivational messages, encouraging them to surpass their perceived limits and achieve their fitness goals.

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More about me...

I am a passionate sports enthusiast who enjoys both following and participating in sports activities recreationally. I frequently play basketball with my friends, highlighting my love for teamwork and the excitement of the game. Aside from my sports interests, I dedicate part of my free time to training my German Shepherd. I value the companionship of my dog, enjoying long walks that offer both physical activity and relaxation.

Living in the countryside has significantly shaped my hobbies and lifestyle. I have a keen interest in woodworking, creating handcrafted products that showcase my creativity and skill. This hobby not only allows me to express my artistic side but also to produce functional items for daily use.

My family and I run a family business focused on organic food production, including dairy, vegetables, and fruits. We use organic farming methods to ensure our products are fresh and free of harmful chemicals. Our involvement in the entire process, from planting to processing, emphasizes our dedication to quality and sustainable living. Working together strengthens our bond and reflects our commitment to providing nutritious food to our community, merging our interests in agriculture and craftsmanship.

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