Anja Stankovic Stamenkovic

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My name is Anja Stankovic Stamenkovic and I am a certified nutritionist. I entered the world of nutrition and fitness when I faced a lot of health problems due to inadequate nutrition. That’s when I realized that nutrition should be the most important thing in our lives.

Since nutrition and training are connected, over time I also educated myself about training. I am currently a certified trainer for pregnant women and I am still learning about postpartum training.

My goal is to help people easily reach their goals, change their habits and be healthier and happier.

more about me...

Nutrition and training is not my first love. I graduated in economics/management from the University of Sheffield. Therefore, I connect everything I do. The completed economics studies helped me a lot in my approach with clients and everything that comes with working with people.

I like to travel and meet new cultures. In the end, I connect all that nicely with my work and in that way I have satisfied clients all over the world. I am a big boxing enthusiast and have been training boxing for 13 years. This kind of training helps me to exercise focus and mental and physical endurance.

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